At Koplin Excavating & Grading, we are not just excavation experts; we are also your premier landscape stone company in Johnson Creek. Whether you’re looking for decorative stones to enhance your garden or robust stones for construction purposes, we provide a wide array of landscape stone products to suit every need.

Residential and Commercial Excavation Services

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Our Landscape Stone Offerings Include:

Decorative Stones

Ideal for adding a unique touch to your garden paths, flower beds, and water features.

Construction Stones

Perfect for more structural needs, including retaining walls and walkways.

Custom Stone Solution

Tailored to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements for your landscape projects.

We source our stones carefully to ensure quality and durability, providing only the best materials to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property.

Comprehensive Quarry Products in Johnson Creek, WI

Koplin Excavating & Grading is your go-to quarry product supplier in Johnson Creek. We operate a fully licensed limestone quarry, offering a variety of quarry materials suitable for construction and landscaping.

Explore Our Range of Quarry Products:

  • Limestone: Versatile and durable, ideal for construction and decorative uses.

  • Aggregate Materials: Including crushed stone, sand, and gravel, essential for construction projects of all scales.

  • Specialty Rock Products: Customizable solutions to meet specific project requirements.

Our quarry products are extracted with environmental responsibility at the forefront, ensuring sustainability in all our operations.

Top-Quality Topsoil and Mulch Products in Johnson Creek, WI

For your landscaping needs, Koplin Excavating & Grading offers the best in topsoil and mulch products. Whether you’re enhancing a garden, establishing a new lawn, or revitalizing your landscape, our products are designed to promote healthy plant growth and soil stability.

Our Selection of Topsoil and Mulch Includes:

  • Screened Topsoil: Perfect for gardens and lawns, providing a smooth, nutrient-rich soil base.

  • Field Grade Topsoil: Ideal for larger projects that require more natural soil conditions.

  • Black Mulch: Excellent for enhancing soil temperature regulation and moisture retention.

  • Colored Mulch: Available in various colors to match your aesthetic landscaping desires.

  • Organic & Inorganic Mulch: Choose from a range of mulches to best suit the needs of your plants and soil.

At Koplin Excavating & Grading, we understand that the right foundation is key to any successful landscaping project. That’s why we offer only the highest quality topsoil and mulch, ensuring your outdoor spaces thrive and impress.

Choose Koplin Excavating & Grading for Your Landscape Needs

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Koplin Excavating & Grading is your trusted partner in Johnson Creek for landscape stones, quarry products, and topsoil & mulch. Our extensive experience and dedication to excellence ensure that we meet your specific needs with professionalism and expertise.

Contact us today to discover how we can help transform your landscape into a beautiful and sustainable environment.

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