Quarry Products (We are a limestone quarry)

Quarry Products

Many of our Excavation Services, such as site preparation, driveway installation, basements, home additions and ponds involve using various quarry products to level or build up an area of land with gravel or sand, followed with compacted material for even greater density and support.

Koplin Excavating & Grading owns and processes our own limestone quarry to produce those needed materials. Quarrying refers to the various different processes that extracts the needed rock, then crushes and screens the material to produce a variety of different sizes of rock, which can be further processed using chemicals to produce other compounds, such as asphalt.

The following quarry products are all produced from our own quarry, earning us cost savings which we happily pass on to our customers.

  • 3/4” traffic bond --- 3/4” stone with the fines in it for compaction--- usually used on driveways
  • 1 1/4” traffic bond --- 1 1/4” stone with the fines in it for compaction--- also used on driveways for something just a little bit bigger
  • 3” breaker/run --- 3” stone with the fines in it; usually used for the bottom layer for a driveway before they put the 3/4” stone on it--- also used in wet areas to soak up the mud/water as best as can be
  • Screenings --- 3/8” stone with a lot of fines in it(mostly all fines); very good for compaction--- usually used as a base for under retaining walls and patio paver block
  • 3/4” clear stone --- 3/4” stone without the fines---usually used for water drainage, backfill for footings, backfill for retaining walls
  • 1 1/2” clear stone ---1 1/2 stone without the fines---also used for drainage and backfill
  • 3” clear stone ---3” stone without the fines --- also used for drainage or in very wet areas
  • 6” clear stone ---6” stone without the fines---also used for drainage or in very wet area; the bigger the better
  • Recycled Asphalt – 3/4” asphalt--- asphalt taken from projects that is then crushed into a size of asphalt that is suitable for driveways

When you need high quality quarry products delivered for a great price, contact or call Koplin Excavating & Grading at (920) 261-2121. You’ll appreciate our experience and LOVE our products!

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